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You can’t survive the Jacksonville heat without a good automobile air conditioning system.  Call today for fast service.

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Experiencing Air Conditioning System Problems?

When your air conditioning system is working, it’s all great. But when your auto air conditioning system fails in Jacksonville Florida, you have to call a mobile mechanic to check on your ac system. We can change out ac compressors, give you an ac recharge and make sure that your air conditioner system blows cold air all summer.

If your air conditioning system has already stopped working and all you’re getting is hot air, call us. You may hear loud noises or you may remember hearing something right before it stopped working. Some things to look for that may indicate a problem.

Wet Air and Moisture

A fully operational ac system cools the air temperature and lowers the moisture in the air. So you may notice that the air is humid or not quite as cool as it usually is. This poor cooling system performance may be due to low pressure in the system, a low charge of refrigerant or other factors. Warm air might also indicate that its time to get a hose replaced or that your entire car heating and cooling systems need repair and maintenance. Let ASAP Mobile Mechanics pinpoint the problem and help with the automotive repair work.

Stinking Air

Did the neighborhood cat urinate on your car? Maybe in the vents or under the hood. Or maybe some moisture or leaves have been trapped and now mold or bacteria is growing in the system. Now your air-conditioning stinks and you need for someone to service the ac system. Not only does this air smell foul, but it may also be unhealthy for you and your family to breathe. Certain kinds of mold and bacteria give off toxic gases that can cause lung problems, breathing problems and can trigger reactions in people with weakened autoimmune systems. Our technicians know which chemicals are needed to treat your air ducts and evaporator. They will also know whether or not tubes, hoses, and filters need to be replaced. Don’t take chances with your health. Call ASAP Mobile Mechanics today.

Gradual Decrease in Cooling

When the coolant is leaking out of your ac compressor, the system is unable to lower the temperature properly. We’ll inspect your car’s air conditioning system at your home or office.

Cooling System Diagnostics

Our mechanics are trained to check your entire car and to ensure the proper operation of all systems in your car including your ac and cooling systems.

Auto Repair Service for the Entire Jacksonville Community

We service cars in Orange Park, Jacksonville Fl, and at Jacksonville Beach. We offer fairly priced service and complete auto repairs.

Troubleshooting Your A/C Problems

One of the first steps to complete when looking for the cause of your air conditioning problems is to check the level of refrigerant in the system. If there is inadequate pressure, then some of the refrigerant has leaked out either through a bad hose or hole in one of the components.

If this is the situation then we will find the leak and repair it and then add more refrigerant.

Some car mechanics will check the compressor first. If the compressor is not engaging, then that is an obvious problem that needs to be addressed. Most often it is a blown fuse which can be replaced easily and cheaply. But a blown fuse is typically indicative of an underlying issue like poor wiring or an overload to the existing wiring.

If the fuses are fine but the compressor doesn’t engage, our mechanics will look at the magnetic clutch that should receive voltage and engage the compressor. A defective clutch may be the cause of your problems.

In some cases, you may hear a loud squeal when turning on the ac. The belts are straining to turn the compressor but the compressor is stuck or has seized. So the good news is your fuses are good, the clutch is good and the refrigerant level is perfect but the compressor needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, this is the news that most owners hate to here because it can be a costly repair if completed by the dealership or other repair shops. At ASAP Mobile Mechanics, we’ll give you a fair price and solid service. We understand how miserable a Jacksonville summer can be with no air conditioning in your car, truck or van.

One last potential problem that we should mention is intermittent cooling. Sometimes it cools the air and sometimes it doesn’t. There are several potential problems like leaks that cause your evaporator to freeze up, bad low-pressure cutout switch, bad compressor clutch, bead compressor clutch relay, temperature sensor or a faulty ac control switch. One of these components is about to fail and it is just a matter of time before it fails completely.

We can also perform transmission repair, brake repair, oil changes, filter changes, check engine light, timing belts, and exhaust system checks. Our auto care program is comprehensive. We don’t do collision repair but our car ac repair team is top notch.


Our Mechanics Provide Other Auto Repair Services

We service cars in Orange Park, Jacksonville Fl, and at Jacksonville Beach. We offer fairly priced service and complete auto repairs.

Brake Repairs

We repair rotors, change pads and fluids, service brake lines and service all types of disc and drum brakes.  Domestic and imported vehicles. All makes and models.

Transmission Repair

We service automatic and manual transmission in the jacksonville area.  We  flush the transmission fluid, rebuild your transmission or replace it with a new one.

Engine Repair

We service all types of engines including domestic like Ford and Chevy and imported.  We can repair cylinder heads, change head gaskets and more.

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