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If you’re wondering if your brakes are need of repairs, then you already know the answer. Trust your intuition on this one and call our mobile mechanic company. Even if you don’t call ASAP Mobile Mechanic, make sure to call an auto repair company.

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Experiencing Braking Problems?

Brake systems are complicated and it takes a well-trained expert to properly diagnose and repair modern braking systems.

Is Your Car Shaking When You’re Applying the Brakes

We’ve all noticed the car shaking in the front when we slam on the brakes. But what about when you’re only applying normal pressure. If the entire car shakes it might be the rear drum brakes. Our mechanics will check your entire braking system. Based on whether you have drum brakes or disc brakes, we’ll check all of the factory’s recommended parts including the brake rotors, brake pedal, brake fluid levels, brake pads and more. Based on the check, we’ll complete the necessary repairs to your braking system.

Does Your Brake Pedal Feel Soft?

Soft brake pedals require an immediate call to a reputable car repair company. Soft brakes don’t offer much stopping power and it feels like you are pushing all the way to the floor. Even when you are pumping the brakes, the car probably isn’t going to slow down. You don’t want this to happen when you’re driving on Sunbeam Road, San Jose Blvd, or Blanding Blvd. Brake failures happen all the time in Jacksonville Florida, Orange Park, and Jacksonville Beach. A check-up by our automotive technicians can help you avoid this situation by checking your entire braking system. Call ASAP Mobile Mechanics today.

Does Your Car Pull When Braking?

When you’ve been driving all day, does one arm feel more tired than the other? Maybe you haven’t really noticed it but now you’re putting it together. There are many possible culprits to this pulling like calipers, tires, belts, pads or fluid. We’ll check the entire braking system and make sure that your car is safe to operate on the roads in Jacksonville.

Does the Steering Wheel Shake When You Brake?

It doesn’t seem right that the steering system would react when applying the brakes but it can happen. We hear about it often when slowing from high speeds quickly. We’ll need to have our mechanic check for worn or rusted brake rotors.

Auto Repair Service for the Entire Car

In addition to brake service, our mobile mechanics in Jacksonville FL can conduct your factory recommended maintenance, overhaul your exhaust system, address the warning light or check engine light, complete a simple filter change or oil change, or air conditioning system repair. We are here for your complete auto repair needs.

We also offer the following services:
brake pads replacement
brakes repair
brake rotor resurfacing
brake fluid change
tire repair
air conditioning repair
oil changes
transmission repair
check engine light diagnosis
exhaust system repair
factory recommended service
air filter change
work at your location
work at your home or office

Our Mechanics Provide Other Auto Repair Services

We service cars in Orange Park, Jacksonville Fl, and at Jacksonville Beach. We offer fairly priced service and complete auto repairs.

AC Repairs

We repair air conditioning systems in all types of cars and trucks.  We can replace coolant, refrigerant, filters, compressors and hoses.  Domestic and imported vehicles. All makes and models.

Transmission Repair

We service automatic and manual transmission in the jacksonville area.  We  flush the transmission fluid, rebuild your transmission or replace it with a new one.

Engine Repair

We service all types of engines including domestic like Ford and Chevy and imported.  We can repair cylinder heads, change head gaskets and more.

We service your community including:

Orange Park FL
Middleburg FL
Jacksonville Beach FL
Atlantic Beach FL
Neptune Beach FL
Fleming Island FL
Jacksonville FL including the Northside, Downtown, Southside, and Mandarin

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