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We complete automotive repairs for virtually every make and model of car. When problems arise with your car, give us a call.  We handle car maintenance, preventative maintenance, and emergency repairs.


What Types of Local Auto Repair Services Do We Offer

For a mobile mechanic Jacksonville Beach FL service, we’re the best.  We offer fast service, we’ll get you scheduled as quickly as possible and we’ll take care of your car, truck or van like it’s our own.


It feels like your car used to run smoother than it does now? Is it a rough ride or is it hard to change gears?  We offer full service including replacing transmission fluid or repairing fluid leaks, torque converter issues, solenoid failures or clutch failures. We’ll troubleshoot your transmission problems whether its automatic or manual and get you on your way.

Air conditioner

Is your air conditioner giving off foul odors or strong smells?  Or maybe the air is still hot?  We can determine if your condenser is failed or if the air conditioning system is leaking coolant. Call us to repair your a/c system so that you can survive these hot Jacksonville area afternoons.


Are you having  problems with your oxygen sensor, emissions problems, or muffler?  We handle common noise, smelly exhaust, backfiring or declining gas mileage.  It may require significant work or it may be a simple repair like an air filter change.


It gets hot at the beach in the summer and your engine feels it just like we do.  If your engine isn’t being cooled properly, it will overheat and that can cause some serious engine damage.  Our mechanics in Jacksonville Beach repair all of common radiator problems including thermostat failures, leaking radiator hoses, and rusty radiators.  Our mobile auto repair mechanics also perform routine service like flushing the coolant system and changing the fluids.

Engine Repair

Did you have to get a ride home from work because your car wouldn’t start?  Is your engine making weird noises, struggling to get up to speed, overheating, or stalling on you?  Don’t get stuck in traffic  or wonder if your car is going to start when it’s time for work.  Call for one of our automobile technicians to come out and take a look a the engine. We can also use computer diagnostics to pinpoint the problem.

brake repairs

We can repair or replace failing brakes on all models of cars.  Brakes are a key part of maintaining the safety of your automobile for you and your family.  Call us if your car or steering wheel is shaking while braking, or if it pulls to one side when braking.  We can complete simple and complex brake repairs like replacing your brake fluid, brake pads and rotors.

Areas Served – Mobile Mechanics Near Me

Our automotive technicians are on call to assist when your car, truck or van needs a repair job.  Did your check engine light come on? On your way to work and don’t have time to stop at the shop?  Our local Jacksonville mechanics  come to you and complete the car care.

Serving the communities on the north side of Jacksonville including Turtle Creek, Heckscher Dr, Dunn Avenue, Oceanway, Arlington Manor, Jacksonville North Estates, Pumpkin Hill, Fort Caroline Shores, Waterleaf, The Cape, Royal Terrace and Mayport NAS.  We’ll come to your home or office to perform the car repair..

Have you neglected your car maintenance schedule? Are you behind on an oil change or did your check engine light come on on the way to work.  Call on us to perform your routine car maintenance or automotive repairs while you’re at work. Our local auto repair mechanics can work almost anywhere and we service the entire Downtown Jacksonville area.

Whether you reside at the beach or you’re on vacation, we’ll come to you. We serve Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Fernandina Beach, and Amelia Island.  Jacksonville is huge but we probably have an expert mobile mechanic at the beach.

Don’t worry that your spouse is out of town or on deployment and the car won’t start.  We can help. When you need a trusted professional mechanic,  call ASAP Mobile Mechanics for help. Our automotive technicians are knowledgeable and courteous.


Are you in need of a repair while your car is parked at the airport?  Or do you live near the airport on the northside of Jacksonville.  We can fix your car engine, brakes, fuel pump, water pump or other parts while you wait. ASAP Mobile Mechanics can help.

What Jacksonville Residents Says About Our Mechanics

“My wife’s car stalled on her while she was out shopping.  I knew exactly what the problem was but I’m too old to get under a car like I used to.  We called ASAP Mobile Mechanics and they were able to fix the car on the spot. What a blessing to know a good mechanic to call!

Miller Benns

Retired Navy & Husband

“They fixed my alternator on a Tuesday afternoon while I finished cooking dinner and meeting the kids at the bus stop.  It was really convenient.  Call ASAP Mobile Mechanics the next time you have car trouble.

James Jenkins Jr


FAQs About Our Automotive Repair Services

Why Call A Mobile Mechanic vs Shop or Garage?

Our auto mechanics are highly trained and skilled. We bring our know-how to you so that you can proceed your day-to-day regimen while we service your vehicle, vehicle or van.

Why We Wouldn’t Call a Mobile Mechanic on Craigslist

While we’re sure that some repair technicians on craigslist are great, you also understand that they can disappear. It may just be a guy who determines that he needs some additional money that day. He could not be as competent as he says or he could remove a part and also never ever return to replace it.

Can You Trust a Local Mobile Mechanic?

Our mobile mechanics are reputable and trustworthy. We have years of experience helping Jax Beach residents with their car maintenance needs. We have serviced all sorts of autos, trucks and also other cars. We are made use of to working in all sorts of conditions and we take pride in what we do. We love referrals and we know that we have a big responsibility when you allow us to work on your car.

mobile mechanic jacksonville fl

How Much Do Mobile Mechanics Cost?

We charge a nominal fee to detect your issue and the fee after that due to the fact that component of the repair service price. If you pick to have somebody else complete the repair work after that you only owe us the journey charge. We can’t offer free estimates because Jacksonville is huge and our  mobile mechanics in Jacksonville Beach FL have to make a living.

Do I Have to Provide My Own Parts?

We can purchase the parts for your car repairs and include them in your bill or you can get your own parts and simply hire us to install them. If we perform your scheduled maintenance, we can bring the parts with us.  Just let us know.

Do You Offer Preventative Maintenance Services?

We are your local auto repair company.  We are here to help you in any way that we can.  We are proud to provide emergency repair service as well as preventive maintenance. Maybe you just need an oil change or a new spark plugs or maybe it’s something more critical like a water pump or fuel pump. Our computer diagnostics will help up pinpoint the problem and get your car repair completed as quickly as possible.

What Other Types of Mobile Repairs Do We Do?

Mobile Mechanic for Trucks

We don’t just deal with automobiles. We work with small vehicles, huge vehicles and fixing vehicles. Our expert technicians have actually the devices needed to finish air filter modifications, fuel pump swaps, oil changes and adjustments, computer system diagnostics, and many various other repair work and also upkeep work. Call us for van, truck and rv repairs as well. 


Used Vehicle Inspections before Purchasing

Don’t buy that car before you’ve had a professional auto mechanic inspect the vehicle.  We can meet you and go over the car, truck or van for you. This can help you avoid costly automotive repairs later.  And it can help avoid that pesky check engine light.

Annual Repair and Maintenance Jacksonville BEACH Fl

The best time to have a mechanic take a look at your car is while it is running smoothly.  Stay on top of your scheduled maintenance requirements, perform oil changes, spark plug changes and address check engine lights as soon as they occur. Check your owners manual and give us a call.

What to Expect When Hiring an Onsite Auto Mechanic?

Lots of people have actually never utilized a mobile mechanic in Jacksonville Beach FL so they aren’t certain what to anticipate. It’s simple, we set up a consultation, we turn up on time and also detect the problem and also finish the repairs. We’ll also come to Orange Park if you need a mobile auto repair pro in that area.

Do We Have Experience Repairing Your Make of Car? Absolutely!

Land Rover
Highlights about Jacksonville Beach FL

Jacksonville Beach started as Pablo Beach in 1907 and changed its name in 1925.  The Jacksonville Beaches are comprised of Mayport, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach.  The population is around 25000 citizens and the area is rich with history, fun and sun.  

There are numerous beautiful hotels and condominiums that line the beach.  The lovely dunes are protected by gorgeous vegetation and the shoreline is light tan and often covered with shells.  The beach has also survived many strong storms and hurricanes.  The most notable in recent history are Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Matthew in 2017 and 2018.  Prior to that, the area was damaged severely by Hurricane Floyd, Tropical Storms Bonnie, Frances, Jeanne, and Fay.  In most cases, the beach residents and businesses have to recover from severe flooding that impacts homes and cars. 

When we’re not preparing for a storm or recovering from a storm, the area is beautiful and relaxing.  This includes dinner at the Jax Beach Town Center, fishing from the Jax Beach pier or just playing frisbee at Mickler Beach.

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