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Don’t get stuck on the Buckman Bridge. It’ll ruin you entire day.  Call us to fix your car before it comes to that.

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Types of Auto Repair Services We Offer

For a mobile mechanic Orange Park FL service, we can’t be beaten.  We offer fast service, we’ll get you scheduled as quickly as possible and we’ll take care of your car like we would our own.


Are you experiencing rough gear changes or smelling burnt transmission fluids?
Including low transmission fluid levels or fluid leaks, torque converter problems, solenoid failures or clutch problems.  We’ll troubleshoot your problems whether its automatic or manual transmission and get you rolling again.

Air conditioner

Is your air conditioner giving off bad odors or strong smells?  Is the air coming out of the vents wet or hot?  We can determine if your condenser is failed or if your a/c system is leaking refrigerant and get it fixed so that you can survive these hot Orange Park Florida summers.


Are you having emissions problems, problems with your oxygen sensor, or muffler?  We handle common complaints of noise, smelly exhaust, backfiring or declining gas mileage.  It may require significant work or it may be a simple repair like an air filter.


We can handle all of common radiator problems including thermostat failures, leaking radiator hoses, and rusty radiators.  We can also handle routine service like flushing the coolant system and changing the fluids. Our mobile repair work is convenient and affordable.


Is your engine overheating, smoking or stalling on you?  Don’t keep getting stuck in traffic or sweating wondering if your car is going to start after work.  Call for one of our automobile technicians to come out and take a look a the engine.

brake repairs

We can repair or replace failing brakes on all models of cars.  Brakes are a key part of maintaining the safety of your automobile for you and your family.  Call us if your car or steering wheel is shaking while braking, or if it pulls to one side while braking.  We can replace your brake fluid, brake pads and rotors.

Areas Served – Mobile Mechanics in Orange Park FL

Our automotive technicians are on call to assist when your car, truck or van needs repair.  Did your check engine light come on and you have no time to go into the shop?  Our local Jacksonville mechanics are focused on helping you.

Serving the communities on the north side of Jacksonville including Turtle Creek, Holly Ford, Chaseville, Oceanway, Arlington Manor, Eggleston Heights, Pumpkin Hill, Fort Caroline Shores, Waterleaf, Cosmo, Royal Terrace and Mayport NAS.  We’ll come to your home or office to perform the work.

Was your car making a funny noise on the way in to work?  Call on us to perform your routine car maintenance or automotive repairs while you’re at work. Our repair mechanics can work almost anywhere and we service the entire Jacksonville area.

Whether you reside at the beach or you’re on vacation, we’ll come to you. We serve Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Fernandina Beach, and Amelia Island.  Jacksonville is huge but we probably have a mobile mechanic in your area.

Are you in need of a quick oil change, scheduled maintenance or emergency  repair?  We can help. When you need to get to work, get the kids to the doctor or if your husband is on deployment, call ASAP Mobile Mechanics for help.


Are you in need of a repair while your car is parked at the airport?  Or do you live near the airport.  We can fix your car engine, brakes, radiator or other parts while you wait. ASAP Mobile Mechanics can help.

What Orange Park Says About ASAP Mechanics

“For once, I didn’t feel like my mechanic was ripping me off.  They came out, took one look and fixed the car in about an hour and a half.  Fair price and I didn’t have to leave home.

Britney Forest

Happy Driver

“Great owner. Great mechanics. The best in town.”

Megan Milles

Fleet Manager

FAQs About Our Repair Services

Why Call ASAP Mobile Mechanics vs Shop or Garage?

We bring our competence to you so that you can proceed your daily routine while we service your auto, truck or van. Garages overload their mechanics with multiple cars and truck to repair.  They juggle while you sit and wait.  Why waste hours sitting in the dealership while they work on a different car.  When we make an appointment to fix your car, we are there for only you.

Don’t Call a Mobile Mechanic on Craigslist

While we’re sure that some mechanics on craigslist are great, you also know that they can come and go.  It might just be a guy who decides that he needs some extra cash that day.  He might not be as skilled as he says or he might remove a part and never return to replace it.  We hear that complaint all the time. 

Can You Trust a Mobile Mechanic?

Our mobile mechanics are reputable as well as reliable. We have over 40 years of experience helping hardworking people with their cars and truck repair requirements. We have actually worked on all types of autos, vehicles as well as other automobiles. We are used to working in all sorts of problems and also we take satisfaction in what we do.

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How Much Does a Mobile Mechanic Cost?

We charge a trip fee to diagnose your problem.  If you go forward with the repair, then the fee is included in the final repair costs but if you choose to have someone else complete the repair then you only owe us the trip charge/diagnosis fee.  We can’t offer free estimates because you know how big the city is and our mobile mechanic Orange PArk FL service has to cover that.

Do I Have to Provide My Own Parts?

We can purchase the parts for your car repairs and include them in your bill or you can get your own parts and simply hire us to install them. If we perform your scheduled maintenance, we can bring the parts with us.  Just let us know.

Do You Offer Preventative Maintenance Services?

We are your local auto repair company.  We are here to help you in any way that we can.  We are proud to provide emergency repair service as well as preventive maintenance. Maybe you just need an oil change or a new spark plugs or maybe it’s something more critical like a water pump or fuel pump. Our computer diagnostics will help up pinpoint the problem and get your car repair completed as quickly as possible.

What Other Types of Mobile Repairs Do We Do?

Mobile Mechanic for Trucks

We don’t just work on cars.  We work on small trucks, large trucks and repair trucks. Our professional auto mechanics have the tools needed to complete air filter changes, fuel pump swaps, oil changes, computer diagnostics,  and most other repair and maintenance work. Call us for van, truck and rv repairs as well. 


Used Vehicle Inspections before Purchasing

Don’t buy that car before you’ve had a professional auto mechanic inspect the vehicle.  We can meet you and go over the car, truck or van for you. Our car inspection will help you avoid costly surprise automotive repairs later.  The worst feeling is buying a used car and then having the check engine light come on a week later.

Annual Repair and Maintenance Orange Park Fl

The best time to have a mechanic take a look at your car is while it is running smoothly.  Stay on top of your scheduled maintenance requirements, perform oil changes, spark plug changes and address check engine lights as soon as they occur. Check your owners manual and give us a call.

What to Expect When Hiring an Onsite Auto Mechanic?

Most people have never used a mobile mechanic in Orange Park, Florida so they aren’t sure what to expect.  It’s simple, we schedule an appointment, we show up on time and diagnose the problem and complete the repairs.  We’ll also come to Orange Park if your need a mobile auto repair pro in that area.

Do We Have Experience Repairing Your Make of Car? Absolutely!

Land Rover
Highlights about Orange Park FL

As a suburb of Jacksonville, Orange Park is a thriving part of the area.  It is known for its affordable housing, robust economy and friendly atmosphere.  It is quite laid back and feels like home for all who visit.  It is the home to NAS Jacksonville, the Clay County School Board and located near Oakleaf Plantation Community, Middleburg and Fleming Island Plantation.  Orange Park has miles and miles of riverfront property along the St. Johns River and is just a short boat ride from Downtown Jacksonville.  There are several famous people from Orange Park like the CEO of Cinnabon, Kat Cole and Slim Whitman.  

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