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Car Radiator Repair Service in Jacksonville Fl

Are you experience common problems like leaking radiator fluid, overheating engine or a rusted radiator?

Your radiator is comprised is of a core which is the largest part and is made of small metal fins that allow the coolant to vent heat to the air.  The air passes through the grill in the front of the car.  

There is a housing that is attached to the engine block that holds the thermostat.  The thermostat triggers a solenoid which triggers the fan cloth and starts the fan.  The core holds the radiator fluid and it circulates via hoses around the engine block.  To check the coolant level, you’ll need to remove the pressure cap. The water pump plays a role in keeping the fluid circulating and in keeping the engine cool.  

This entire cooling system keeps the engine cool while you’re driving at high speeds or on hot days.  If the radiator fails, it can cause significant engine damage.  

If you need someone to check the radiator fluid levels, replace your hoses or belts or replace the entire radiator, call ASAP Mobile Mechanic.

Our technicians can conduct a full diagnostic of your cooling system including:
We can check your cooling system for leaks by conducting a visual inspection and by pressurizing the system.
We can test your engine block for cracks or leaks in the seals.
We can check the water pump and belts for wear and tear.
We can check the thermostat and cooling fan.

Coolant Leak or Overheating

If a coolant leak is not the issue, we will search for other potential causes of engine overheating. There might be problems with your cooling fan, water pump, fan belt, thermostat or hoses.

Our expert mechanics are trained and able to perform all of these repairs.

Jacksonville’s Affordable Radiator Repair

Repair costs will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. We provide the most affordable service in Jacksonville Florida. Just give us a call and give us a chance to impress you.

Radiator Replacement Costs

We know that your vehicle is a large investment and car repairs can be a surprisingly costly expenditure. One of the most expensive repairs is replacing your auto radiator. At ASAP Mobile Mechanics, we take care of your car and truck. We can perform preventative maintenance like oil changes, air filter changes, engine coolant flushes, cooling systems service, car radiator repairs, ac and heating repair, and air conditioning.

Other Types of Auto Repair Services


We also offer the following services:

Air Conditioning Repair
Air Filter Changes
Cooling Systems
Exhaust Replacement
Engine Coolant changes
Engine Repairs
Preventative Maintenance
Total Auto Care
Transmission Repair

AC Repairs

We repair air conditioning systems in all types of cars and trucks.  We can replace coolant, refrigerant, filters, compressors and hoses.  All makes and models.

Brake Repairs

We repair rotors, change pads and fluids, service brake lines and service all types of disc and drum brakes.  Domestic and imported vehicles. All makes and models.

Engine Repair

We service all types of engines including domestic like Ford and Chevy and imported.  We can repair cylinder heads, change head gaskets and more.

Radiator Repairs

We’ll repair your overheating, leaking or failed radiator. We can flush the system, replace with new or rebuilt.

Routine Maintenance

Call on our mobile mechanics to become your car care partners.  Call us  for your routine fluid changes and other checkups.  

Total Car Care

We service all types of cars including domestic like Ford and Chevy and imported like Honda and Toyota.  

We provide transmission repairs in Jacksonville Florida in the following areas::

Orange Park FL
Middleburg FL
Jacksonville Beach FL
Atlantic Beach FL
Neptune Beach FL
Fleming Island FL
Ortega and San Marco
Mayport NAS
Jacksonville FL including the Northside, Downtown, Southside, and Mandarin

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