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Providing Quality Transmission Repair in Jacksonville FL

Transmission Specialists in Jacksonville FL

Learning to complete transmission repairs takes years as your car’s transmission is a very intricate and complicated system. Modern transmissions, both domestic and imported transmission are loaded with technology and programming. Hiring the right transmission repair specialist can be your ticket to saving a lot of money, time and headaches. See why ASAP Mobile Mechanic is the transmission and total auto care company that you need.
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Transmission Repair Costs

You are already aware that repairing a transmission is one of the most costly auto repairs. It is important that you ask what the transmission repair costs will be before handing your keys over to the auto mechanic. Our mechanic will clarify all the details before asking you to agree to get your vehicle fixed. We don’t want you to be surprised with extra costs when the car has been fixed.

When trying to get an estimate for the cost of your auto repairs, the technician will calculate the costs based on parts and labor. If additional repairs are needed, the mechanic will get approval before moving forward.

Automatic Transmission and Manual Transmission Repairs

We just like most other shops in Jacksonville except for the fact that we come to you instead of having you hang out in our waiting room all day!

Pros and Cons of Used Transmissions Jacksonville FL

Transmission Installed Faster

It is much faster to take a rebuilt quality transmission off the shelf and to swap it out with your old one.

Fair Prices

It is often more affordable to pay for a used transmission in Jacksonville Fl instead of paying the cost for a new transmission. We will work with you to understand your timing and your budget.

Less Time at the Repair Shop

This is a benefit to you as well as to our mechanics. We take pride in getting you back on the road and we love it when we can surprise you with a fast turnaround.

Common Transmission Repairs

Repairs for Transmission Fluid Leaks

If you notice transmission fluid leaking from your car, call us so that we can identify and repair the leak. In fact, don’t wait for a leak. Have us conduct your routine transmission maintenance and we’ll flush the transmission fluid and inspect the system for potential problems.

Transmission Maintenance Service

Regular maintenance on your manual transmission, a rebuilt transmission or automatic transmission will extend the life of your car. Ask us about our Maintenance Program and Auto Care Program.

Clutch Repair and Replacement

If your manual transmission is giving you problems like not going into gear when you shift, making grinding noises when your shift or the clutch feels very loose under your foot, you should give us a call.

When to Take Your Car to one of the Transmission Repair Shops in Jacksonville FL

Transmission Overhauls

In some cases, the transmission rebuild is quite intricate and may take more time. In some cases, the vehicle is quite large and we need more equipment to work on it. In these cases, we will still come to you to diagnose the problem but we may bring the car into the repair shop for servicing.

Foreign Transmission Repairs

Due to potential delays in getting parts for foreign automobiles, we may bring the car into the shop. We don’t want the stranded vehicle to block your driveway or to sit in some random parking lot for an extended period of time.

Other Types of Auto Repair

In addition to brake service, our mobile mechanics in Jacksonville FL can conduct your factory recommended maintenance, overhaul your exhaust system, address the warning light or check engine light, complete a simple filter change or oil change, or air conditioning system repair. We are here for your complete auto repair needs.

We also offer the following services:

Domestic auto transmission repair
Four wheel drive Transmission
Truck and Van Transmissions
CV Axles and CV Boots
U-Joints and Drivelines
FWD, AWD, RWD, and 4WD
Oil Changes
Exhaust Systems
Check Engine Light
Full Auto Repair Service for your Car or Truck

Our Mechanics Provide Other Auto Repair Services

Oil Changes
Exhaust system
Cooling System
Air Conditioning System
Routine Maintenance
We offer fairly priced service and complete auto repairs.

AC Repairs

We repair air conditioning systems in all types of cars and trucks.  We can replace coolant, refrigerant, filters, compressors and hoses.  All makes and models.

Brake Repairs

We repair rotors, change pads and fluids, service brake lines and service all types of disc and drum brakes.  Domestic and imported vehicles. All makes and models.

Engine Repair

We service all types of engines including domestic like Ford and Chevy and imported.  We can repair cylinder heads, change head gaskets and more.

We provide transmission repairs in Jacksonville Florida in the following areas::

Orange Park FL
Middleburg FL
Jacksonville Beach FL
Atlantic Beach FL
Neptune Beach FL
Fleming Island FL
Ortega and San Marco
Mayport NAS
Jacksonville FL including the Northside, Downtown, Southside, and Mandarin

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